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Business Intelligence课程

张晗 教授

Dr. Han Zhang is a Full Professor of Information Technology Management (ITM) and Steven A. Denning Professor of Technology & Management at the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin. He was the ITM Area Coordinator from 2007 to 2012 and he served as the Faculty Director of the Executive MBA Program from 2013 to 2016.

His research focuses on economics of information technology, online trust and reputation, online word-of-mouth, and the evolution of electronic markets. His research work on the institutional setup to help small businesses grow in the digital economy has been used as the basis for testimony before the Congressional House Committee on Small Business.

Dr. Zhang was a 2009 Hesburgh Award Teaching Fellow at Georgia Tech. He received the 2009 Georgia Tech Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award and the 2010 Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech. He recently received Georgia Tech Steven A. Denning Faculty Award for Global Engagement in 2018.

Course Objectives of Business Intelligence

1) Understand the basic concept and practical elements of BI & analytics. Grasp the fundamentals of BI technology.

2) Approach business problems data-analytically. Think carefully & systematically about whether & how data can improve business performance, to make better-informed decisions for management, marketing, investment, etc.

3) Be able to interact competently on the topic of data mining for business analytics. Know the fundamental principles of data science, which are the basis for data mining processes, algorithms, & systems. Understand these well enough to work on data science projects and interact with everyone involved. Envision new opportunities.

4) Have basic hands-on experience mining data. Be prepared to follow up on ideas or opportunities that present themselves.


管理专业模块开设战略管理、市场营销、人力资源管理、公司理财、运营管理、商业智能等课程,致力于实现MBA学生综合管理能力的拓展,帮助学生洞悉企业各职能管理模块精髓,理解企业各职能管理模块所需实务技能。《Business Intelligence商业智能》是上外MBA课程培养“管理专业”模块中代表性的精品课程。商业智能,简称BI,是一种把数据转化为信息、知识的技术手段。通过构建数据仓库、数据挖掘以及客户端效果展现等一系列过程,提升数据价值,帮助企业的管理者明晰企业绩效,及时做出准确的决策。